Birthing Preparation Classes Wimmera


Calmbirth Class

Self doubt and lack of knowledge can create anxiety and fear and these can contribute to labour and birth becoming difficult and complications arising.

Birthing preparation classes at A Baby Is Born enable the birthing woman and her support person to enter labour with their minds prepared and equipped to work in harmony with their bodies. We believe that the more confidence a woman has in the birthing process, the better prepared they are to birth their baby in a calm and gentle way.

In our Calmbirth® classes we respond to unique needs and concerns in a nurturing and honest care relationship. We are passionate about providing a welcoming, inspiring and secure environment where the goals of pregnant women and their support person for pregnancy, birth and the early parenting experience are identified, supported and achieved.

Our Calmbirth® classes combine discussions, practical exercises, group activities, videos and written materials to enhance the learning experience.

Birthing Preparation Classes Wimmera

With Calmbirth®, you learn:

  • To access your natural inner resources to alleviate the fear, anxiety and tension that can be experienced during pregnancy, labour and birth.
  • Practical skills of relaxation, breathing and visualisation which can be used during pregnancy, labour, childbirth and beyond.
  • How the mother’s body is beautifully designed to birth her baby naturally and calmly and with the right preparation, to work with the process rather than resist it.
  • The importance of a mother’s beliefs and attitudes about birth and how these can be one of the major differences between a positive or negative birth experience; the importance of bonding with your baby and how this can affect your baby in the future.
  • How to use decision-making tools to become more empowered to take control of your birthing experience.

The course involves:

  • Approximately 12 hours of contact time.
  • Follow-up email, phone support and referral to other resources if required.
  • A comprehensive course book containing birth stories and articles of interest.
  • A CD set of guided relaxations that complement the course content to use at home.

Health Insurance Provider Details

Many private health insurance providers will cover part of the costs of birth education classes facilitated by a Registered Midwife. The amount of rebate depends on the type of cover. Your health insurer is best to answer any questions regarding the amount of rebate for Calmbirth® classes.


Breastfeeding Class

Nourishing your new baby is one of the most important elements of caring for them. If you are preparing to breastfeed you have probably heard a lot about getting a ‘good latch’ or ‘positioning’. Do you know what terms like this mean?

We offer personalised breastfeeding classes in the comfort of your own home. We know how important it is to have knowledge before your baby is born about what you can expect and how your breastfeeding journey might unfold. You may face some challenges on this journey and it is so important to be prepared for them during your pregnancy. We don’t want any hurdles to affect or stop your breastfeeding experience!

The class is designed for pregnant mums and covers all you need to know about breastfeeding from birth through to when your baby is about 6 weeks old. Our class can also be tailored to meet any specific needs or concerns you have about breastfeeding.


  • Reality check about preparing to breastfeed.
  • What is in breastmilk and how milk is made.
  • Positioning & attachment.
  • How to tell if your baby is hungry.
  • How to be satisfied that your baby is getting enough milk.
  • Expressing & breast pumps.
  • Breastfeeding after Caesarean.
  • Challenges you might face when breastfeeding.
  • Baby tummy troubles such as ‘wind’.
  • Baby sleep & breastfeeding.

Follow-up contact is included in the class fee.
All information provided is current and evidence-based.
Class: 3 hours duration

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