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What we do

A Baby Is Born aims to give the women and families of north-central and western Victoria the best preparation possible to achieve a positive pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience through the art and science of midwifery.

We believe that the birthing woman is the central participant on her journey to motherhood and in her birth experience. We celebrate this unique and unrivalled journey that is created by time and nature.

We provide comprehensive, realistic and inspiring education for birthing women and their partners. We have four core values that we strive to achieve through the delivery of our services:

With positive attitudes and support, women and their families are informed with comprehensive and contemporary information so they can have the best preparation possible when it comes to making decisions about their pregnancy care and the birth of their baby.

We have access to highly skilled and qualified professionals who facilitate ethical, evidence-based, holistic and comprehensive education about all aspects of pregnancy, birth and the care of a newborn baby.

We inspire and support women and families to enhance their pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience by taking ownership of all they can to make things the best they can be – physically, mentally and spiritually when they are preparing to bring their baby into the world.

To work with others to reframe components of our current birth culture and exude passion in what we do.